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I'm someone who likes to stay anonymous.

I'd like to think that i'm a visionar but i also realize that a great idea is worth nothing if you don't share.

I also think that our greatest sin is power! and that this power causes us to work more then that is needed.
(thank you for this to all with power)


So why am i here.

My ultimate goal would be to create a better life for everyone.

The only way to achieve that is to start a discussion (like a whatif statement) and for that time and money is needed.

So i have come up with an idea to create time and money and for that i need a team.

The goal for the team will be to create a solution that everyone can join without the need of payment.

You could see it as a solution where noone has to pay and everyone can receive. (to good to be true?)

What do you got to loose? Time?

Look at the skills we are looking for and if you have 1 or more skills let me know and we might be working together soon.

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