Mark Topper

Hvidovre, Denmark


26 years old web-developer from Denmark.

As a kid, while others played football, I built websites and small software.
I am self-taught and took the shortest possible education to get the papers and became an assistant teacher there after the education.

Today I am a senior web-developer at building systems for Copenhagen Airports, Rema1000 among others. Besides that, I have my own company where I am building up software and customer base.

Currently, I spent a lot of time playing with machine learning and are building a chatbot framework that will help normal people (non-developers) to built chatbots and assign them to the social networks without as it was just like petting a dog.

I'm always looking for new exciting projects, always open to inputs or to help.

Spends a lot of time on open-source projects, currently, I maintain some packages at Github, ex and the forum system used on this website (called Laravel Chatter).

Questions are welcome, write if you want a conversation.


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