missing countries in coutries list

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  • Saif E. 3 years ago

    i noticed that my country "tunisia' is missed from the options, and i think there's even more countries missing, i had to set algeria as my country since its the closest i could find

  • Saif E. 3 years ago

    i noticed some staff that i may help this site.

    1 - you are wasting bandwidth:

    how ? for example, when i visit , i looked at the XHR and there a request going to /api/v1/community/wikis, that fetch wikis, now that's okay but the api sends the wiki body which is useless, you don't need it since when i click on the wiki it doesn't show the body but it "redirects" me to the wiki page, make sure that you don't send the body unless you are doing something with, otherwise its just a waste of bandwidth


    2 - HTTP/1.1 ,

    i would recommand using HTTP/2 and if you don't have control over the server send an email to your host provider asking them to upgrade


    3- i don't need to explain this, look at my profile picture

    when i uploaded the image it didn't have a background , how ever the site added a background while resizing, which is awfull, i recommand adding a white background to images.



  • Thomas S. (admin) 3 years ago

    Hi Saif.

    Thanks for the public feedback. Good points - they will be added to the todo list :-)

  • Saif E. 3 years ago

    you are welcome :) nice job

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