What IDE's are used?

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  • Forza 4 years ago

    Hi all,

    If we already have a topic about programming languages and frameworks then I thought a topic was still missing.

    What IDE's are used for the development of projects by you? What kind of IDE's are good? Which ones are bad? What IDE'S are important for the development?

  • Ronan H. 4 years ago

    Vim/Neovim all the way! 

    Lazy days would be visual studio code

  • Steffen T. 4 years ago

    I use phpstorm, xcode, and gogland for editors I use visual studio code. 

  • Robert H. 4 years ago

    i use Notepad ++ everyday 

  • B
    Baz B. 4 years ago

    Sublime text 3 with few plugins, emmet, html beautify, laravel artisan, blade, vue and sass highlighter.

  • O
    Oscar 4 years ago

    neovim :)

  • Joachim D. 4 years ago

    I'm a big fan of JetBrain's IDE's, with some conditions/needed plugins. I use Rider, PhpStorm, CLion, DataGrip and Intellij.  When needed/where Rider doesn't cut it, I use Visual Studio.

    If I need to look through folders with lots of different code files, I often just use VSCode.

    In almost all the IDE's I use the following plugins:

    • Material Theme UI (Gives some nice icons and colors)
    • .ignore (Management of ignored files for git)
    • .env files support
    • CodeLock
    • Exclude Symlinks
    • And some more minor plugins
  • Thomas S. (admin) 4 years ago

    psch Oscar, neovim.. you hipster ;D

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