Welcome to KAEM's forum!

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  • Thomas S. (admin) 4 years ago

    Welcome to KAEM's forum.

    On this forum, you will have the ability to showcase your projects, develop and brainstorm on your ideas with like-minded people.

    The rules right now are minimal. We expect everyone here to be professional and be nice to everyone else. That's basically it!

    Remember: You're always welcome to provide some feedback either here on the forum (Public feedback) or by clicking the big blue button at the left of your screen.

  • Steffen T. 4 years ago


    Hey everyone!

  • O
    Oscar 4 years ago

    i c u 

  • Thiago F. 4 years ago


  • G
    George 4 years ago

    Hello there!

  • Luis A. 3 years ago

    oh ok cool

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