Favorite programming language/languages?

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    Baz B. 4 years ago

    Hey all, What is your favorite programming language/languages and why?. Thought this would make for an interesting discussion.

  • Robert H. 4 years ago

    Today, one should not have one single favorite programming language. We are going through a phase of programming language renaissance where we have a number of awesome programming languages being developed and used. My favorite programming language depends on the problem that I would like to solve. but for my list of favorite programming languages, it is as follows. 

    • Ruby -- because it's sexy, Reading Ruby codes is like reading plain old English.
    • JavaScript -- because it's everywhere.
    • PHP -- because it's lit 🔥
    • C# -- because I don't want to limit myself only to web development.
    • Python -- because it's sexy and easy to understand just like Ruby.@Baz B. did you just forget to answer the question yourself? what is your favorite programming language and why? 😀
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    Baz B. 4 years ago

    This is the kind of reply i like and interesting for other people to see.  I'm new ish to the scene so far been playing with php was easy language to start with. Moved on to c# also whilst  making server plugins for a game called rust.

    From my experience so far and for languages its been, php, c# and more recent javascript.

  • Thomas S. (admin) 4 years ago

    Great topic! :-)

    I think mine would be PHP and the only reason being I'm able to develop quickly. I love testing out other programming languages and trying out new stuff but 8/10 I'm looking for speed when developing and that's why PHP is my language of choice for the majority of times.

  • Mikkel 4 years ago


    Ufff, good question.. I have not tried that many languages in depth, but regarding syntax I really like how C# and Python is built..
    For web development I do prefer PHP though, since the open source community is quite strong..

    But well.. Some languages are built to solve some problems, that others languages can not handle.. So I think you should have that in mind, when you start to discuss pros/cons and/or benefits in each language.

  • Forza 4 years ago

    My preferences aren't really going to the programming languages at the moment. I still have other preferences. But with testing of stuff you learn.

  • Ronan H. 4 years ago

    Javascript, Ruby, Python & C/C++ are my favourites easily... and also because the only ones i know... use Javascript everyday and is my most efficient :)

  • Steffen T. 4 years ago

    Im most comfortable with php but im in the process of learning Go and I like it so far :) 
    I started with PHP back in the days maybe some of you guys can relate to that. Why? Mainly because its easy learning curve for new young programmers, its community like Munk points out there is tons of support for it. 

    Go I got introduced to the Go programming language thanks to Mr. Thomas this is a statically typed language whereas PHP is dynamically typed and I think it is a good idea to try something different sometimes. 
    Why? The standard libraries and tools available, garbage collection, performance, concurrency and deployment.

  • Steven 4 years ago

    For myself, definitely HTMLCSS, and JavaScript/JQueary.. Being a front-end developer and a graphic designer primarily, these are my most proficient languages. Looking to expand my knowledge of PHP and Python as I hear they are good next steps for some back-end languages. 

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    Brian 3 years ago


    PHP - Quick, flexible, and used everywhere. It's a must know for any web developer.

    JavaScript - You can't consider yourself an experienced web developer without knoweldge of JS. 

    CSS -  What can't you do with this bad boy?

    Node.JS - A fun language with some interesting use cases.C/C++/Java - It's good to know, not fun to use.


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