Favorite frameworks?

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  • Forza 4 years ago

    Hi at all,

    I wanted to ask the KAEM Community, what frameworks are used for the development of their projects? Also, what frameworks were used in the past or may be used in the future.

  • Ronan H. 4 years ago


    • Express/Koa/Hapi.
    • React/Angular


    • Flask.


    • Lapis


    • Sinatra

    frameworks ive used heavily in projects.

  • Xristodoulos M. 4 years ago

    I am using Laravel and VueJS right now 

  • Steffen T. 4 years ago


    • Express
    • SocketIO



    See with Go you dont need any frameworks 😄  the standard libraries has everything you need 👌

    Expierence/knowledge with above is gained through self studies and work 

  • B
    Baz B. 4 years ago

    Has to be Laravel.

  • Joachim D. 4 years ago

    For web I think it has to be Laravel, but when It comes to backend services it really depends. Often C#, Java or NodeJS.

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