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Help each other with everything from sales, idea development, marketing, taxes etc.

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Showcase your new project. Find team members for new exciting projects.

Do you have a brilliant idea but not exactly sure what sort of skills you need?

Create a project, show off a teaser of your idea and allow others to apply to the project. As an owner of a project, you're in complete control of who gets to play along and who doesn't.


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Organize your projects. Organize your team members.

Teams are to projects the same way parent companies are to subsidiaries. If you're a bunch of passionate people who are stuck with a lot of cool ideas and projects, creating a team is the obvious choice.


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Looking for someone special?

You might have the best idea ever and you know exactly what's needed to execute it. Look-ups works just as jobpostings - a place to look for specific skills.


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Search and you shall find

Find new team members. Find new and exciting projects.

Whether you're looking for your next partner, project or the billion-dollar idea, we provide the searching abilities to find it on the site.


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Find useful resources regardless of where you are in your journey

Get information from wikis, articles and tutorials about entrepreneurship and everything related. Users have the ability to create wikis, articles and tutorials.


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We got tons of good ideas to improve and extend KAEM, but we want you to join us on the journey from the start.

Join the community and be a crucial part of making KAEM the best social platform for (upcoming) entrepreneurs.

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