Before you create

A quick guide on how to use the main functions on KAEM and when to create what.

This page contains guidelines and not rules. It has been written to give a better understanding and experience of the platform.

Diagram over teams, projects and lookups on KAEM


Teams are meant for people that dont want to limit themselves to a single project. Teams can have multiple projects and lookups. You might be so lucky to have found a handful of skilled people without a specific project or idea in mind.

Create a team if..

  • You are multiple users that will not limit yourselves to a single project
  • You want a private room where team members can chat and interact with each other


Projects are the cornerstone of KAEM and they are your ideas, products or services. Projects are grouped into one of four stages: Idea, Product or prototype, Go to market or Growth and expansion. With projects comes an integrated timeline where you can publicly showcase your goals and milestones.

Projects are therefore the right choice no matter how far in your journey you are. You might simply want to showcase your project or get feedback for your latest idea.

Create a project if..

  • You are not completely sure what type of partner/project member you're looking for
  • You want to showcase your idea or project
  • You're looking for feedback for your idea or project
  • You want a private room where project members can chat and interact with each other


Look-ups can be created on behalf of yourself, your team or project.

Look-ups are useful if you know what skills you're looking for. KAEM will automatically notify users matching the skills you're searching for when you're creating look-ups.

Create a look-up if..

  • You're looking for a person on behalf of yourself, team or project.
  • You know what type of skills you need for your project, team or idea.
  • You want to take advantage of KAEM notifying users for you.

What's the difference between projects and look-ups?

If you're looking for team members and you know exactly what type of skills you need, a look-up is what you want to create. As previously mentioned, you can do this on behalf of yourself, your team or project. If you create a look-up on behalf of your project or team, then these will automatically be linked to your look-up and can be manage through the dashboards.

When you create a look-up, users with the matching skills will automatically - if they have enabled it - get notified that a look-up has been created matching their skills. With this you are certain that the right people will know that you're looking for them.

Fictional use-case of main features

Thomas, Peter and Sarah have found each other through KAEM. They have tons of cool ideas they want to work on together. They create a team they use to create two projects with.

They quickly realize they need a mobile application for one of their projects. They create a look-up searching for app development skills on behalf of the project.

For both projects they are in need of a marketing ninja. They create a look-up on behalf of their team, looking to help them out in future projects. They obviously found all the right people and successfully launched multiple unicorn startups. All lived happily ever after. You get the idea, right?

Generally about creation on KAEM

The majority of what you can create - teams, projects, look-ups, articles - can all be made private during the creation.

We strive to make the platform useful for entrepreneurs and the social aspect is just one part of it. You might not need to publicly showcase your ideas and projects, and that's okay as well.

A team can be created privately and you can afterwards invite your friends into your team. You can now take advantage of the team features and functionalities without having to show your ideas to the rest of the world.

Reach more

A well-defined description of a team, project or look-up will yield a better outreach. Quality matters. Since KAEM is a platform for user-generated content, it's a win-win situation for us and you. We want to make sure you succeed in finding your new team members and get good exposure and feedback for your cool ideas.

When you create a project with quality content, we do everything in our power to promote it on social media and our other channels. It provides trafic to our platform and you get better exposure.

When you succeed, we succeed. It's as simple as that.

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