About KAEM


We want to make it easier for (upcoming) entrepreneurs, young aswell as old, to find team members for new exciting projects.

About KAEM

KAEM is the result of a desire to create a community by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The purpose of KAEM is to let users use their expertise and experience in new exciting projects. KAEM will connect entrepreneurs from various educational backgrounds, jobs and industries in one network. A network where they can get help from like-minded people.

Getting ideas is the easy part. Everyone can get ideas. But once you start executing on those ideas, you realize that it's all about network. What if instead of spending a lot of time building your network, you let the network come to you. That's the core concept of KAEM.

We believe that the time is perfect for a social platform dedicated to entrepreneurs. The journey of an entrepreneur can be lonely and tough. We can't promise to make it any less tough, but hopefully together we can make it less lonely and much more enjoyable.

Imagine this..

Susan is a 46 year old nurse that's been working her whole adult life within the health sector. She's a happily married family woman with 3 kids. She has gotten this briliant idea for a mobile application that will not only save the health sector a ton of money but better yet, possibly save lives. She hasn't spent her time networking and building the network she's currently in need of. She has no idea where to go from here. She puts the idea on hold because "someone else will most likely invent it".

The problem here is that this is not always the case. This is where KAEM comes in. We want to be the first thing people think of when getting awesome ideas. We want to be the "go-to place" for guidance, network and skills.

Sounds interesting?

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